Monday, July 6, 2009

CCK '08 & '09

a rather large open online course…
(CCK08 & CCK09)

Live Session Archive

CCK '08
Session 1
Session 2

Week 1
Session #1
Session #2
UStream Conversation (Hosted by Dave Cormier)

Week 2
Session #1
Session #2
UStream Conversation (Hosted by Dave Cormier)

Week 3
Session #1
Session #2
UStream Conversation (Hosted by Dave Cormier

Week 4
Session #1
Session #2
Ustream session Hosted by Dave Cormier

Week 5
Terry Anderson Session Recording
Friday Session - Dave Cormier in Elluminate

Week 6
Alec Couros Presentation
Ustream Chat Hosted by Dave Cormier

Week 7
Grainne Conole's Presentation
Session 2
Friday Session. Hosted by Dave Cormier

Week 8
Elluminate Session Recording

Week 9
Nancy White Elluminate recording
Nancy White Recording - 2nd session
CCK '09
Week 1:
Introduction to course structure and philosophy (elluminate recording)
Blip version

What is connectivism (discussion of Downes/Siemens views and differences)
Blip version

Week 2:
Network Attributes
Blip version

Week 4:
Connective Knowledge

Week 5: PLE/N Week
Sharon Peters/John Thole MP3 audio
Lucie Gray MP3 audio
Graham Attwell
Josie Fraser
Steve Wheeler
Sue Waters
Rita Kopp, Mark van Harmelen (back to back recording)

Week 6:
Elluminate Recording: Complexity

Week 7:
Power and Authority

Week 8:
Dave White: Residents and Visitors
Openness and Transparency (Alan Levine stopped in for a chat on his "Amazing Stories of Openness")

Week 9: Net Pedagogy Conference
Martin Weller: Pedagogy of Abundance
Frances Bell: Transparent Teaching and Learning: what remains when the teacher disappears
Stephen Downes: OERs
Stephen Downes: Speaking in LOL Cats
Vicki Davis: Differentiating Instruction
Terry Anderson: Distance Education to Networked Learning
EdTechTalk CCK  Discussions

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