Friday, July 29, 2011

Week#5 Blog Posts

    1. Online Learning Collaborations (#eduMOOC) « Swedinbalchik's Blog

      I joined the study group on the topic “Online Learning Collaborations”, which is part of theeduMOOC focused on “Online Learning Today…and Tomorrow” coordinated by Ray Schroeder from The Center for Online Learning, Research and Service ...
    2. Diderot, come help your Encylopedia « Lisa's (Online) Teaching Blog

      I regret to say that I have not been able to participate much this summer in the eduMOOC: Online Learning Today…and Tomorrow course. However, I subscribe to the feed from the Google Group. I began seeing a thread called “Please help ...

  1. Google Plus Hangouts are pretty cool (#eduMOOC
    1 day ago by Rebecca - @rjhogue
    Throughout the day (whenever I'm taking a mental break from what I'm working on) I check out the #edumooc hashtag on twitter – just in case something interesting is happening. This morning, I see an invite for a Google Plus hangout.

  2. Skype is Dead | EDUKWEST

    2 days ago by Kirsten Winkler
    #Edumooc 2011 and Blended Learning; Steveb Kogeto dot brings 360° Videos to the iPhone; Lidie Olesen Are Amazon Textbook Rentals a Threat for Chegg and Bookrenter? Aeroboogie First Screenshots of the upcoming Khan Academy iPad App ...

  3. Helen OTUK: From eduMOOC to OTMOOC - The Mobility of Learning

    2 days ago by Helen OTUK
    I started this week considering the eduMOOC topic of 'Online Learning Apps and Mobile Learning', setting myself a 'mini objective' of attempting to access the weeks resources via my mobile devices. The fact that I included 'attempting' 

  4. July Roundup
    3 days ago by Carole
    ConorCusack: “edumooc – Online Learning Collaborations: via @addthis”. References for educators. No one knows educational technology like educators. Here are a few of the great resources you were sharing in July: ...

  5. edumooc: Ripples and Waves and Tidal Waves in Learning

    4 days ago by Ray
    Ripples and Waves and Tidal Waves in Learning. I have been doing more and reflecting less in the past week and a half. It's time to pause and reflect on where we are ineduMOOC. We have now passed the halfway point chronologically

  6. Views, dreams & creative writings...: EduMOOC; Online Learning
    5 days ago by Anil Prasad
    Hi friends, we had a challenging topic for the fourth week at EduMOOC - “Online Learning Apps and Mobile Learning”. Have the technologies once again changed the way we teach and learn? Is the Learning Management System dead - replaced

  7. My First MOOC: U of Illinois eduMOOC June 2011: Making It Real
    Making It Real: Organizing and Articulating Learning #eduMOOC. Finally got access to Moodle! Yay! I really like Jenny Ankenbauer's response (July 5) to Karen Swan's question “What are the most pressing questions [re online learning]

  8. eduMOOC on Trailmeme

    6 days ago by laurencecuffe
    Trailmeme is a new kind of publishing that allows you to blaze and walk trails through the web.

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