Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Week 5 & 6 Discussions

Week Six; Personal Online Learning Networks 
Please help edit the Wikipedia article on MOOCs (before it disappears) 
Need to redefine what a MOOC is? 
Week #6 MOOCast - Aug 3 1400GMT 
Digest for - 9 Messages in 6 Topics 
A few resources 
How do you cultivate your PLN? 
Tim Berners-Lee principles applied to an Open Education. 
Blogs on Weekly Topics 
Digest for - 20 Messages in 10 Topics 
Week 5 - Learning Objectives - Open Education and MOOCing 
Computable Document Format.(CDF): new interactive document format 
Shirley Gossack, Manager Student Engagement/ LA&PS is out of the Office. 
Popplet organizing other Wiki-to-Speech, Etherpad and Popplet content 
Mobile learning--International Projects 
E-learning – E is for Ellie! 
Fwd: (call for papers) Do you conduct research on digital literacy... 
Week Four; Online Learning Apps and Mobile Learning 
Week Five; Public, Private & Open - Onbline Learning 
Week#5 MOOCast - July 27 1400GMT 
Google+ circles 
Harvard fellow hacked millions of papers 
Importance of a cohort in a MOOC 
Digest for - 13 Messages in 6 Topics 
Towards a MMS (MOOC management system...) 
A thought on how to increase participation in MOOCs. 

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