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Learning2gether EduMOOC Discussion - July 10, 2011

Learning2gether EduMOOC Discussion
Vance Stevens & Co. address assorted EduMOOC topics
during the weekly Learning2gether Discussion
July 10, 2011

 Chat Log Below
Elluminate Recording

Ustream Recording

cbsiskin  1: hi ayat
nagora : Hi Jeff!
maizie : Hi Jeff
cbsiskin  1: just dandy
jefflebow : Hello all
Ayat  1: Hi Clair, hi Jeff !!!
nagora : Ppl are joining, I though I was late, but I wasn't.  
ali.boumoussa : Hello everyone
deutschnellie : so is this where we need to be or elsewhere?
Ayat  1: Oh, we have Dr. Nellie with us too !!! hi !!
nagora : Hi Ayat!  
deutschnellie : Hello Ayat. Thank you for reminding me of my title  
cbsiskin  1: we hear you
deutschnellie : do you want me to sing, Vance?
Ayat  1: Sure !! U r welcome !!  
cbsiskin  1: no singing
hibbs : we hear you just fine. keep talking
deutschnellie : ok,Claire
cbsiskin  1:  
Ayat  1: Hi Nina !! 
deutschnellie : yes
Ayat  1: yeah !!
ali.boumoussa : y
hibbs : loud and clear jeff
maizie : yes
nagora : Vance, Is that a recording
deutschnellie: There is  a recording there, Nina
nagora : I see, thanks
jefflebow: I just started simulcasting this there now
deutschnellie: You are invited to join the  eduMOOC Moodle:
cbsiskin  1: yes
Ayat  1: yes
deutschnellie: Yes
ali.boumoussa : Thanks
nagora : yes
Ayat  1: :|)
nagora :  
ali.boumoussa : yes
Ayat  1:  
adisa73  1: Hi this is Indrit. hello all, following you from a cafe ...can't talk  
deutschnellie: Good  morning, John
Ayat  1: Hi Indrit !! 
hibbs : thanks all.
deutschnellie: hello Indrit
Vance Stevens: go ahead Nin
hibbs : url's/ personal bios in thechat room>?
hibbs : john hibbs
hibbs :
Vance Stevens:
Ayat  1: no sound so far , Nina !!
hibbs : BTW, Jeff, chatrooms that have easy hyperlinks to those inside are wonderful.
hibbs : Vance's model better
hibbs :
deutschnellie: is anyone speaking right now?
nagora : Perhaps my Internet or mic isn't good enough.
hibbs : no audio??
Ayat  1: no
hibbs : workiing just fine. Jeff
deutschnellie: Hi Jeff
nagora : I hear Jeff
Ayat  1: hi Jeff !! 
deutschnellie: thank you for sharing the link, John
hibbs : Jeff -- forgive me...late comer -  what's the theme today?
hibbs : Jeff, you in charge today?
deutschnellie: Isn't everyone is in charge on a MOOC ?
hibbs : BTW - ther is a functionality in this room which allows a map with pins showing where everyone is.  Done this before?
deutschnellie: What I love about MOOCs is the openness.
deutschnellie: Maybe John can be a moderator, too, Vance
hibbs : Podcast opening. funny Vance.
Ayat  1: I'm still new in MOOCs !! So, hope i can join a MOOC by the end of this session and be active enough !!
deutschnellie: Join eduMOOC, Ayat:
Ayat  1: ok, will do, thanks !! just hope i can get what to do next !!
cbsiskin  1: claire siskin, currently in new york
adisa73  1: indrit currenntly Cesky Krumlov Cezch republic
Ayat  1: Ayat, from Egypt
doris3m : besitos!!!!!
nagora : Nina from Ukraine
nagora : Hi Doris!
doris3m : Doris from venezuela.. love you all webheads!!
deutschnellie: hi Doris!!!!
nagora : you too, Doris
deutschnellie: This one is freer more open less controlled than the previous ones
nagora : What is better: to be control or vice versa?
deutschnellie: I like when participants take control.
doris3m : I ove open spaces.. freedom to pick and choose and collaborate
hibbs : Vance, you have been an expert at making sense of the hundreds of cats in Webheads.
nagora : Some ppl from our Ukrainian open course which has just finished, were tend to be more controlled,  
doris3m : yes.. Vance is the best ...
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: Hi everyoane
cbsiskin  1: Hi Lucian
nagora : right, Nellie
Me: what made you feel that way?
doris3m : giggles
doris3m : yes. anytime
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: What are your appinion about the new thrend google plus ?
deutschnellie: I think it's them allowing us to be us
ali.boumoussa : In a mooc, it miakes more sense to talk abut uncertainty and chaos surfing than of comfort zones
hibbs : Come on Vance...don't ask chickenand egg questions. it's both
deutschnellie: Hi Doris
doris3m : is edumooc in sl?
Me: we are
deutschnellie: The time to create a SL environement is now. 
Vance Stevens: hi we are
ali.boumoussa : y
nagora : yes, Doris
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: I hear you
deutschnellie: Yes, Doris
hibbs : moderators are great drivers to good - or bad - comfort zones.
Ayat  1: Being new to all this, so a MOOC is like any course: you have materials to read then u reflect on them in FB groups or Moodle, ... ???!!
hibbs : If you have been to the playground many times, it's easier to make rules depending on the game that day.
nagora : thanks Doris.
hibbs : here in Oregon, we have a great head dfootball coach, Chip Kelly.
deutschnellie: This one is called an eduMOOC and I think that says quite a bit.
hibbs : He is a game changes, likes organized chaos, but has a great motto: Win The Day.
Vance Stevens: real lifelong learning
hibbs : If there is a "secret" to all of this, isn't it to encourage freedom within some pretty wide boundaries?
deutschnellie: CCK08  provided us with a few home bases like Moodle, Wiki, and Blog  whereas eduMOOC only provides us with a google group and wikispaces
nagora : Hi Jeff!
doris3m : hola jeff
hibbs : The dynamics of the game of football is changing to Ken Robinson style...the players are coaches, but the"frame' is "top down"...well, almost.
deutschnellie: don't want to step on any toes but this one is very open
deutschnellie: there is a lot of eduMOOC Moodle:
Vance Stevens: I think so
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: I made in #googleplus a circle ,, #edtech20 teachers " and I ivite you to join free with 100 + teachers Here is our stream
Vance Stevens: to John, we could
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: Now I work in a article #googleplus gateway to semantic web 3.0 and new thrend in #education20 :0
dumacornellucian [Lucian]:  
Vance Stevens: lucien do you have a mic?
hibbs : mmm...not quite agree with those comments on blogging. At least there, blogging, is more weight and heft than Facebook and Twitter
hibbs : But the "discussion" has to have some underpinnings -- that I say come out of "serious" blogging, wiki's etc.
deutschnellie: Vance and Jeff the July 6th event was great!!!
hibbs : What I, personally, fear is that "chat' is a substitute for 'learning".
deutschnellie: It's up to us to sustain learning.
hibbs : Learning must have a strong component of intellectual sweat
deutschnellie: I think the learners should take charge and learn from one another.
hibbs : chat is interesting and drives people to learn more...that is what makes THIS kind of session so tremendous.
deutschnellie: Thank you, Vance. We are all trying to connect and make our learning social and fun.
doris3m : that's how we learn... talking things over.. looking at what others are doing and going back to them for questions on how they didi it..
hibbs : And isn't "motivation" the most important single component in learning? in life? in the classroom>? out of it?
deutschnellie: the webheads have been MOOCing for ages. 
doris3m : and then discovering new ways to doit..
doris3m : yes.. absolutely nellie
hibbs : Well, no dummies come into these kinds of sessions...that's for sure
deutschnellie: exactly, Doris which is why we need SL
doris3m : smiles.. I just finished with the machnima course.. so I am free
deutschnellie: @Doris, great
nagora : Same here, I've just finished open course here in Ukraine.
deutschnellie: voice is still an issue for some, Vance
hibbs : Was God "right" to give two ears and only one tongue..implying listening is more important than talking...except when a Webheads talk.
ali.boumoussa : I attended last week's session, and it seems that people are still defining the boundaries of moocs and of what they are
Vance Stevens:
deutschnellie: I find that most people feel less conformtable with speaking in these environments
nagora : I've just reading it also, Vance
hibbs : Ya! Vance...I think that scoop is pretty slick!
Me: Nellie's Scoop at:
deutschnellie: thanks, Jeff
nagora : Thanks Nellie
deutschnellie: is the ability to multi-task is a must on the MOOcs
Vance Stevens: can you put the urls here? great!
doris3m : brb
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: I made a scoopit topic related to google plus in education 2.0
hibbs : What thinks thee of Google Plus???
deutschnellie: here's the  collaborate blog on WikiEducator:
ali.boumoussa : Here's one you shoudn't miss
ali.boumoussa :
deutschnellie: yes, I agree, Jeff
deutschnellie: how many can join the chat,Jeff?
rsheffer : hello just made it in
rsheffer : Hi Nellie
deutschnellie: but... Jeff
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: My first scoop
deutschnellie: love the scoopit experience
Me: no audio vance
hibbs : cant hear you vance..see you, but no hear
deutschnellie: no audio Vance
Me: at least for me
Ayat  1: no sound !!!
rsheffer : can't heare
hibbs : Even the Pope makes mistakes, Vance
rsheffer : glad it wasnt just me
ali.boumoussa : scooping is my own way of moocing in a learner-directed way
deutschnellie: me, too, Vance
deutschnellie: better than a blog or a wiki
nagora : Yes, I do like also
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: Do you heard about new curation tool postano's incredible all your links , blogs , social media and more in a single place
deutschnellie: but you can only have 10 right now
deutschnellie: people can make suggestions
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: I have 20  
deutschnellie: @duma what??????
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: I am in the top curators  
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: I can invite people
hibbs : Vance, I think you should repeat ths find - scoop - several more times on the People pay LARGE attention to you.
Vance Stevens: more than ten scoops?
nagora : I guess Duma talked about inviting to Google+?
deutschnellie: I need more than 10
ali.boumoussa : but the 10 you get are invitations for other people
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: is still in beta ... but is a incredible curation tool because every post can be shared and comment
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: I can't speack
Vance Stevens:  
rsheffer : bad sound
Vance Stevens: tolerable
deutschnellie: duma is doing awesome work
nagora : bad sound
Ayat  1: Lucian appears as away !!
deutschnellie: I heard Duma
ali.boumoussa : Sorry
hibbs : Nellie -  Organization is MY biggest problem. Oddly, I am finding that  my own personal web site with scoop-like capability, feeds, etc. is a great organizing  cool. More later.
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: I am in the Arena  Valencia Beach
hibbs : Dumma url?
dumacornellucian [Lucian]:
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: My research is free
hibbs : Thank you cuma corenllucian Lucian
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: And If you want to make a awesome presentation see
deutschnellie: @Hibbs, yes, it's a great organizer
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: My location on twitter is!/web20education
hibbs : Increasing the network should have a VALUE -- as vs. Facebook, that concentrates on NUMBERS.
dumacornellucian [Lucian]:
Me: it is
hibbs : we see you Vance, dark and fuzzy,
rsheffer : yes we see you
deutschnellie: it's learning without feeling it  
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: I want to write in gr8 ( eight blogs )
hibbs : But the biggest problem of all - isn't it? - that mostly we are all singing to are we bringing more to the congregation? to the choir?
rsheffer : good point john
rsheffer : how to evangelize as it were
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: I am here with my baby 1 year and 5 mounths and I can't speack
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: Do you can see the stream ?
hibbs : Jeff, you put your finger on the prolbem
Vance Stevens: as jeff and john are saying (same thing)
rsheffer : my problem is how to apply stuff in the "real world" not just alone
hibbs : Isn't the whole damn "educated" workforce just plain too damn BUSY!  Why go here, there, everywhere....bunch of jackrabbits, but no stew?
rsheffer : (staff of non tech savvy colleagues)
Vance Stevens: there's a great combo, mooc and eportfolio
hibbs : Like - how many kid age 12-15 come to this kind of "room".
deutschnellie: Jeff, we will need to have different topics
hibbs : Surely that should be a big priority. After all it is kids that will soon run the world. How do you get them to come "here"?
deutschnellie: so how will one MOOC be different from another, Vance
hibbs : Yeah, Nellie -- Vance?
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: If you want google plus invitation please live your email on my #edtech20 facebook page or join free #edtech20 ning pln
deutschnellie: here's the next MOOC:
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: I must go now
dumacornellucian [Lucian]: See you soon
nagora : Thank you nellie
hibbs : Sometimes Vance I think being sooooo "advanced" -- like you are and those in this group (except me) that it is easy to lose close, close contact with the point of all this -- reaching kids.
deutschnellie: I get the feeling that some MOOCs will be turning into a popularity contest
hibbs : (teaching kids the value of lifetime learning-- that there are no silver bullets and not many Popes either)
hibbs : Of course people want attention - and if they get attention isn't it becuse they had something very valuable to say?
hibbs : does this extremely, extremely well.
hibbs : Not how many! But how GOOD?
hibbs : If the value is only in the numbers, then let's go get a herd to sign up.
hibbs : We don't want herd mentality
deutschnellie: @John,  
hibbs : I like Jeff...the "I don't know" is what comes out of me more and more and more.  I wonder if I ever "know" anything?
rsheffer : this is my first and it's fun
deutschnellie: numbers indicate how good we are
hibbs : Vance, you lead everybody I know in the "contest' -- In the Age of Collaboration -- who leads the Parade?  In my not humble opinion, that's Webheads
Ayat  1: Sorry, but i have to go now !!! i will have to look at these links closely and join a MOOC soon !!!!
deutschnellie: John, can take the mic and explain
hibbs : The reason you LEAD Webheads, Vance, is because you are a model of improving the comfort zone in the room...getting others to participate
Vance Stevens: bye ayat
Ayat  1: If u found me lost anywhere, please give me a hand !!! I'm a good learner, so will do my best !!!
Ayat  1:  
rsheffer : because pople need a suppost system
rsheffer : Nellie
rsheffer : some pple go in and don'tknow how to go on
Ayat  1: see u !! bye !!
rsheffer : popularity is part of human nature
doris3m : back
rsheffer : it is what it is
rsheffer : hi doris
doris3m : multitasking
doris3m :  
rsheffer :  
Vance Stevens:  
rsheffer : I am a lurker
Vance Stevens: me too :=)
rsheffer : we need help
doris3m : go ahead we won't bite you..  
rsheffer : if we are beginners
maizie : me too
rsheffer : hi Maizie
rsheffer : I am with you
rsheffer : here!
doris3m : that's ruth!!
doris3m : talk to us rutthie.. got a mic?
rsheffer : *waves"
Vance Stevens: hi ruth
rsheffer : but someoone is talking
rsheffer : rude
rsheffer : to interrupt
doris3m : yes.. wait..
rsheffer : I am british
doris3m : giggles
deutschnellie: Thank you, Ruth. Ruth got me on google +
rsheffer : yes she got me in here lol
rsheffer : exactly
doris3m : me too.. lol
rsheffer : I am intimidated
rsheffer : new but
rsheffer : bug
doris3m : that was great
rsheffer : you old hands don't let us say anything
deutschnellie: Rurh, would like to speak, guys   
hibbs : A GREAT deal of learning takes place in very small gatherings
rsheffer : I will wait Nellie
rsheffer : I am just a newbie
doris3m : this is like we are having a cup of coffee
rsheffer : where is the cake?
deutschnellie: Doris, I still didn't get my coffee, today
hibbs : Not quite the Socratic method,, one teacher, one student, each sharing the same log.  But if too many are on the log, the log goes under and with it all those on it
maizie : It is teatime
doris3m : *pass ruth some cake*
rsheffer : yes it is
maizie : I'm British too!
rsheffer : icecream would be nice too
rsheffer : hey Maizie
rsheffer : where are You?
doris3m : Venezuela
doris3m : nellie!!!
deutschnellie: Vance, Ruth, would like to speak.
rsheffer : yes I know where youare
maizie : in Israel from London originally
rsheffer : you are kidding
rsheffer : me too maizie
rsheffer : where in london?
deutschnellie: Maizie, where  are you from?
rsheffer : hello
rsheffer : Barnet
rsheffer : now Jerusalem
maizie : Hampstead
doris3m : I lurk in all of them..
deutschnellie: Good point, Vance
rsheffer : what a lark
deutschnellie: Doris, really?
nagora : That's good now, Nellie
doris3m : yep
rsheffer : who is talking?
hibbs : Vance, don't "normal" people ask you: "Vance, do you have a LIFE?"
nagora : Doris
hibbs : L)
maizie : We are near I'm in Kiryat Arba
rsheffer : ok Maizie
rsheffer : whats yr surname?
deutschnellie: I havent' had my breakfast, yet
cbsiskin  1: vance does have a life
deutschnellie: Hi Claire
Vance Stevens:  
cbsiskin  1: hi
Vance Stevens: does anyone remember jane petring/s acronym for LURK?
maizie : Avihayil I was Bendahan
rsheffer : aha
rsheffer : i was vinegrad
doris3m : definetely
hibbs : two ears. one tongue...Designed by the Master!
deutschnellie: Grab the mic,Ruth
rsheffer : how?
rsheffer : what do I do?
rsheffer : yes
doris3m : just click the bottom talk
Vance Stevens: ok, grab it
Vance Stevens: sure
Me: yes
Vance Stevens: no problem and no hurry
doris3m : yeeesss.
maizie : yes
deutschnellie: Hi, Ruth
hibbs : hear yoou loud nd clear
nagora : not very good
hibbs : hi Ruth
doris3m : nice to hear your voice!!
maizie : where do you teach Ruth?
maizie : what about a barco?
maizie : so you can do stuff
deutschnellie: what about smartboards, Ruth?
maizie : I take my personal laptop into class
Vance Stevens: mazie takes here wifi with her
maizie : I have a netstick
deutschnellie: Maizie, can you explain what you mean about taking wifi  with you?
doris3m : you have come ruth.. you can hang out with us...
rsheffer : thanks Doris
deutschnellie: Ruth is an EFL teacher so the webheads is perfect for her
hibbs : One "test" of the value of these sessions is the "take away" from it. if we leave here without a "take away" -was there value?
rsheffer : hopefully I will be retired by then john!
maizie : I have a mobile netstick that has a sim in it and I can connect to the web anywhere on the bus etc anywhere i have connection via cellphone
deutschnellie: Where can Ruth the webheads? Link?
hibbs : In that regard, please, please, please write into the chat room your bio/url AND the best web page you found recently. Please
rsheffer : but doesnt that cost a lot Maizie?
maizie : Depends...
rsheffer : the bnc corpus
rsheffer : just google bnce
Vance Stevens:
rsheffer : bnc
deutschnellie: you can save this chat, everyone!!!
rsheffer : learnt about it at etai conference
rsheffer : great
Vance Stevens: yes, please
deutschnellie: that would be great, Jeff
maizie : you can contact me if you want  Ruth
rsheffer : thanks send me yr contact detais
rsheffer : are you on G+?
maizie : 0528336042
deutschnellie: I thought this was the eduMOOC talk, Jeff.
hibbs : it would be great to automatically circulate by email the text chat only, plus the link to the podcast.
maizie :
hibbs : I am not sure the links provided in the text chat are not at least as important as the podcast/Verbal?
rsheffer : mine is
rsheffer : 0508-630344
hibbs : Yup...thank you Vance!!!!
hibbs : But email is still and easy way for many of OldFolks to capture and be reminded of same. THANK YOU VANCE.
maizie : You're in Haifa -Nellie?
deutschnellie: free professional development workshops
rsheffer : maizie added you on FB
hibbs : Question:  Do people here think they learn more through converstion as here, or the links and networking (later) i.e. if you only had to time to read the links or listen to the podcast, which would you pick?
ali.boumoussa : Thank you everyone
deutschnellie: great to connect
Me: Thanks Vance
indritB  1: thank you
deutschnellie: thank you, Vance
hibbs : You guys are all great. I call you Intrepid Game Changes, Empowered.
doris3m : just to say thanks for this..
nagora : Thank you Vance, Nellie, Jeff and everyone.
maizie : Yes definately Thanks Vance, John and Nellie
Vance Stevens: thank you EVERYONE
rsheffer : thanks for getting me in Doris
rsheffer : bye everyone
doris3m : it is always a joy to me to be able to listen to your voices and learn from you
deutschnellie: Doris, I'm looking forward to SL for eduMOOC
hibbs : Game Changers.  All of you.  Not just Agents of Change...but, as Chip Kelly would say...Game a spread offense in football.
doris3m : is there a sl group already?
deutschnellie: No, Doris, You will be the first
doris3m : Ohhh..
rsheffer : what about Googleplus?
doris3m : ok let's do it...
deutschnellie: Yesssssssssss, Doris
deutschnellie: google plus is self organized I have an eduMOOC  circle
rsheffer : excellent
doris3m : webheads can do it..
doris3m : besitos Indi...
deutschnellie: Oregon is beautiful
ali.boumoussa : @Nellie Are we still meeting today at 11:00?
deutschnellie: yes,  Ali, of course
nagora : Thank you
doris3m : claps
doris3m : want to meet in sl?
hibbs : Nellie, please write me
hibbs : skipper AT bfranklin DOT edu
Me: Raw Ustream recording of this session at:

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