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This space is my attempt to navigate, archive, & discuss the learning buffet of EduMooc 2011

To Navigate, I've created a page of EduMOOCosphere links.

In the Archive, I track blog posts, tweets, & assorted discussions happening week by week.

In hopes of discussing things, I occasionally stream live, interactive webcasts (MOOCasts) which are intended as open-ended opportunities for EduMOOC'ers to share resources, ideas, and feedback about assorted eduMOOC topics and/or the MOOC itself.

The EduMOOC Gradcast is scheduled for: August 17 at 1400UTC (global times) More details

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

EduMOOC 2011 Gradcast

The Final EduMOOC Webcast
August 17, 2011

Participants: Vance StevensLisa M LaneAlison SnieckusOsvaldo RodriguezRowan Fairgrove, & Jeff Lebow

 Topic:  The future of MOOC's and online education ... and acronym alternatives to MOOC, including 
  SOOC - Scalable Open Online Course 
  MILE - Massive Informal Learning Experience 
  COOL - Collaborative Open Online Learning

Osvaldo's EduMOOC Survey

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Chat Log Below

Vance Stevens:
Jeff: Rowan, we are getting clicking noises from you
Lisa M Lane: cafeteria learning
Vance Stevens:
"The formal learning process is irrelevant for meaningful learning"
Lisa M Lane: thanks, Vance -- good link
Vance Stevens: In this YouTube video, Siemens says at min 1:13?"Have you ever thought about how completely irrelevant structured learning is?"
Vance Stevens: I have to go, I'll catch the rest in the podcast
Lisa M Lane: bye Vance
Lisa M Lane: oh, cool
Jeff: Osvaldo's Survey
Osvaldo Rodriguez: send email to google list
Vance Stevens: The schedule for sundays is here
and my slides for my presentation are at
but I've got a new version to upload, so check in a few hours
ok, gotta run, wife will be angry
I'll here in the podcast, bye
Vance Stevens left group chat.
Osvaldo Rodriguez: true
Lisa M Lane: exactly
Lisa M Lane: so we have MILE - Massive Informal Learning Experience
Lisa M Lane: is it scheduled?
Alison Snieckus: MILE - how fun.
I don't think it's scheduled
Alison Snieckus: but rather each person figures out what experiences to pursue
Lisa M Lane: oh, we'd better not get started on edupunk!
Osvaldo Rodriguez: I agree
Osvaldo Rodriguez: agree with lisa
Lisa M Lane: so it's more inspirational
Osvaldo Rodriguez: i agree with alison.
Lisa M Lane: bye Osvaldo!
Rowan Fairgrove: farewell

Week#8 Discussions

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Blog Posts - Week#7 & Week#8

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  8. EduMooc run by the University of Illinois at: or E-Portfolio MOOC at: or view past MOOCS here: ...

    So if you want to comment on the paper and feel more comfortable with adding to a blog entry, do so here. This entry was posted in EITBlogging, Research, Teaching and Learning. Bookmark the permalink.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week#7 MOOCast - August 10, 2011

The Penultimate EduMOOCast
August 10, 2011

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Chat Logs Below

11:03 PM  Chahira Nouira: Hi everyone
11:22 PM  nnorman: Greetings from Chicago.
11:23 PM  JL: welcome
11:26 PM  nnorman: As a lurker, and a new MOOCer, I have found the existing structure of the course confusing. The live sessions did provide structure that was needed for me.
11:26 PM  nnorman: I don't have a camera, on my desktop, so I'll pass on joining in this week.
11:28 PM  JL: Thanks for lurking  - feel free to join in without webcam if you like - as long as you have a mic, you can still chime in
11:35 PM  Matt H: Greetings from WA, USA. Interesting discussion. No Google+ for me, no headset ;) -- just a question: Anyone in the gang get lots out of *asynchronous* discussions, and if so, what?
11:36 PM  LisaMLane: I like the asynchronous discussions.
11:38 PM  JL: All are welcome to join in. Hangout Link:
11:39 PM  JoseR: Hey Folks
11:41 PM  Chahira Nouira:
11:44 PM  Chahira Nouira:
11:44 PM  JL:
11:45 PM  Chahira Nouira:
11:49 PM  Matt H: zo
11:50 PM  Matt H: Woops -- I am here b/c of emailed daily digest from MOOC...a great reminder...and my interest in the topic of today's session
11:51 PM  nnorman: Enjoyed the discussion ... have to check out now. Try to see you next week.
11:51 PM  JL: thx. hope to see you next time
11:52 PM  Alison: Hi stanford
11:53 PM  Alison: jeff--I'm interested to hear about the the issues that wp is encountering recently
11:55 PM  JL: WP?
11:59 PM  badgerjen01: Hello ... I caught the MOOC hangout before it was over this time!
11:59 PM  JL: come on in Jen
12:02 AM  badgerjen01: I'm going to be an active chatroom lurker if that is ok :)
12:02 AM  Alison:
12:05 AM  JL:
12:07 AM  Matt H: What is the link, if there is one, to the 'spectacular' stats course / content, just mentioned....?
12:11 AM  Alison: carnegie mellon oli statistics course:
12:16 AM  badgerjen01: "tonight" ... you are soooo Korea-centric, @jl :)
12:16 AM  Matt H: Thanks for the stimulating discussion, ideas, and links all....
12:17 AM  Alison: thanks, all

Hangout Chat
Bernie DeKoven: yeah, I agree
Jeff Lebow:
Sanford Arbogast:
Sanford Arbogast:
Bernie DeKoven: thanks so much for letting me be part of this - really remarkable group of people playing with equally remarkable technologies (well perhaps not equally). Sorry to have to leave. Please keep me in your loop.
Rob Darrow: Lisa, can you say it again?
Sanford Arbogast: Alison I am also teach statistics
Alison Snieckus: oh, how interesting that three of us here teach statistics.
Sanford Arbogast: what are teh probablitites of that happening?
Alison Snieckus: I think Jeff wants us to chat on the live stream page.
Rob Darrow: Hmm, that reminds me of an old song, "Free to Be You and Me" We could rewrite to be "Free to Mooc for You and Me."
Kay Endriss: Sanford, I thought your last name looked familiar. Published?
@Alison: no kidding. Seriously, what are the odds?
Alison Snieckus: hehe
Sanford Arbogast: no maybe you are thinking of the detective in psych
Kay Endriss: @Sanford Ah well. Memory not what it used to be.
Lisa M Lane: Didn't they try that with learning objects? and they're all over the place
Lisa M Lane: does that make Google search super important? maybe we need Google Student or something
Rob Darrow: Alison, where are you located...and what level of stats do you teach where?
Lisa M Lane: that's what's hard about the "course" idea
Osvaldo Rodriguez: adios a todos
Lisa M Lane: that's what I was going to ask - can this keep going?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week#6 MOOCast - August 3, 2011

Participants:  Maria DroujkovaRob DarrowJoel JosephsonRebecca HogueAlison SnieckusChahira Nouira, & Jeff Lebow

Download Audio

Chat Log Below

11:12  jefflebow:
11:18  jefflebow:
11:20  jefflebow:
11:22  Chahira Nouira: Hi everyone
11:22  Chahira Nouira: I can not join the hangout but try to follow here
11:23  jefflebow: Hello Chahira
11:23  Chahira Nouira: since you are talking about maths
11:23  Chahira Nouira: Hi Jeff :)
11:23  jefflebow: try refreshing your G+ profile page (or mine)
11:24  jefflebow: hopefully you'll see 'join this hangout' link
11:24  Chahira Nouira: (I meant I cannot not because of google but because I am working on smth else :) so just a lurker again this time, but hopefully will join next week )
11:25  Chahira Nouira: I wanted to share a link to
11:26  RobDarrow: Thanks, Chahira
11:26  Chahira Nouira: You are welcome!
11:33  RobDarrow: Interesting discussion about continuum of structure in MOOCs.  Can a MOOC be too structured?
11:38  Rebecca: OK.. I'm trying aga.
11:38  Rebecca: My phonei rining ..jst a set
11:39  Joel: Got it
11:40  Rebecca: Hi Chahira
11:41  RobDarrow: Joel - the Google group for the EduMooc is:
11:45  Joel: Thank you Rob
11:47  Joel: EU_Educators
11:47  Rebecca: No..
11:47  Rebecca: what is it?
11:49  jefflebow:
11:49  Rebecca: A lack depth
11:53  RobDarrow: Certain online tools lend themselves to deeper academic discussions
11:53  RobDarrow: I like what Rebecca said...the deeper you to in a topic, the smaller your network that what you said Rebecca?
11:53  Rebecca: Pretty much
11:54  Rebecca: The article on open education talked aboutdifferent types of people ... some are shareers.
11:57  Rebecca: I wish I had the creativity to do game based stuff ... I just don't seem to have the mind forit.
11:57  jefflebow:
11:58  jefflebow: If any viewers would like to join in, let us know